Banksy Fallen Angel Wall Sticker
Banksy Wall Stickers Swatch
Wall Sticker Vinyl Colours Available
Wall Stickers Application Instructions Step 1 Position Sticker Accurately on Wall
Wall Stickers Application Instructions Step 2 Cut Away Backing Paper
Wall Stickers Application Instructions Step 3 Smooth down Using Credit Card
Wall Stickers Application Instructions Step 4 Remove Application Tape

Fallen Angel Wall Sticker


Have your rooms instantly transformed by our vinyl wall stickers. Our Banksy inspired wall decals will add style and colour to your rooms.

This uncompromising Fallen Angel wall sticker is inspired by the graffiti Banksy did on London Bridge in 2002.  It features a world-weary angel complete with a bottle of booze and a cigarette in his right hand.  Make a controversial statement with this iconic piece of art.

We can flip the direction of the design and produce it in 24 different colours, in 3 different sizes, so that it suits your wall space perfectly.  Simply select the appropriate option above.

  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • A wide range of 24 colours to suit any décor
  • Direction of your choice
  • Long lasting premium vinyl
  • Precision cut
  • Easy to put up
  • Easy to remove
  • Matt finish
  • Easy to follow instructions included